Are you just going through the motions of your day-to-day life feeling dissatisfied and unclear of your purpose? Do you have concerns about your relationships (family, work, etc), career, life path, health (emotional and/or physical)? Interested in exploring unexplained events, or discovering your cosmic connections and patterns? I can help.

About the Life Experience

As you've likely already figured out--it's complicated. In fact, the life experience can also be characterized as a profoundly integrated process rooted in the bizarre reality that we are all energy vibrating at various, fluctuating frequencies that directly influence every aspect of our lives. These frequencies are sensitive to everything we think, feel, say, and do.

When we're operating at high vibrations, we're more likely to experience improved vitality, joy, immunity, clarity, hopefulness, resiliency and other life-elevating benefits. On the flip side, low-frequency vibrations tend to render sluggishness, fear, anxiety, depression, physical pain, illness, confusion, hopelessness, . . . .

The key to inhabiting a HighVibe life is learning to recognize when we're succumbing to low frequencies, discovering how to effectively raise our vibration, and determining how to protect our vibrations from unwanted disruptions as much as possible.


"Adriena (Z) is incredible! She always takes time to make me feel deeply cared and advocated for. She listens intently and asks helpful questions to best determine my needs for each session, often addressing issues I don't even know are present until she begins to focus on them. I simply cannot recommend her enough!"

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