Death Doula



It's inevitable.

The last phase of our life can stir an overwhelming sense of fear and anxiety for the dying person and their loved ones. Having someone present, someone with the experience, training, and compassion during such a challenging time, can bring a sense of comfort and familiarity to the otherwise unfamiliar.

As a Death Doula, my primary intention is to honor the needs and desires of the dying person, and to support them in the process of inhabiting a fully-empowered end-of-life experience, and an opportunity to die with dignity. This includes operating in alignment with the dying person's values, traditions, and belief systems and other elements that will influence the vision and expectation of what the end-of-life experience will be like. 



Dying is a natural and inevitable event for us all. It is fueled by several intricate complexities that must be taken into account--influences of the disease, physical breakdowns that are characteristic of the dying processes and how they impact not only the body (i.e. pain, discomfort, breath quality . . .), but also the emotional and mental aspects of the person (i.e. grief, regret, . . .), family relationships, the environment in which the dying is taking place, Spiritual and religious beliefs, . . . .

Vigil Guidance & Planning

A vigil is a deeply sacred experience wherein the dying person is accompanied by loved ones (and their doula if requested) during the final weeks, days, or hours of the person's life. This time of keeping watch so that the dying person is not alone lends a dynamic opportunity to bring reconciliation and acceptance for the dying and their loved ones, and may include:  

  • Sitting together

  • Talking and listening

  • Sharing silence

  • Reading inspirational texts

  • Providing healing touch

  • Creating appropriate rituals

  • Massage Therapy and Energy Healing (see below)

Service Options

(1) I facilitate the process of planning the vigil based on the dying person's expressed wishes and working with caregivers/family to manifest an exquisite, deeply sacred and supported vigil experience.

(2) I participate in holding vigil along with the dying person's caregivers/family.

Life Review & Reflection Dialogues

Life Review and Reflection is a beautiful way to engage in meaningful conversations that bring resolution, acceptance, and peace for the dying person and their family. Additionally, the themes that are discovered along the way can help to inform a legacy project (see below).

Service Options

(1) Guide the dying person and/or their family through organic conversations about the dying person's values, loves, joys, how they lived their lives, their wisdom and insight, their hopes, . . . .

(2) Discover and record themes that may be used to support the legacy project. 

Legacy Project

A legacy project is a concrete artifact or set process that helps people reconnect to the life of their loved one. It also has the potential to inspire future generations through the wisdom it expresses, or by the example of how the dying person has handled the challenges of life.

If the dying person isn’t interested in legacy, or doesn’t have the cognitive capacity or energy to do it, the family might decide to create one. A legacy project the family does can start in the months before a vigil, during the vigil, or even after the death as part of the grieve process.

Legacy Project Goals

  • Express Meaning

  •  Shift to a Focus on Life Lived

  •  Improve Emotional Connections

  •  Increase the Sense of Control

  • Maintain Hope Through Purpose Preserve the Past
    Inform and Inspire Future Family

  • Honor the Life and Contributions

Example Legacy Projects

  • Video/Audio

  • Memory Book/Box

  • Letters

  • Life Scroll/Accordion

  • Video/Audion

  • Painting/Collage

  • Annual Celebration Ritual

  • Song or Poem

  • Crafted Object

  • Collection of Recipes

Service Options

(1) Facilitate the planning and implementation of the Legacy Project.

(2) Interviews, discussions and note-taking. 

Holistic Care Specialties

As a licensed massage therapist (LMT), energy healing practitioner, intuitive, sound healing therapist, and meditation guide, I'm able to integrate a unique holistic care experience during the overarching end-of-life process.


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