Conscious Mind

Our conscious mind is our objective mind. It has no memory, and it can only hold one thought at a time. It functions to identify incoming information using our senses; sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and feeling.

Shadow Work is making that which is subconscious, conscious. Meaning, we work to understand our wounds, where they came from, why they are there, what caused them, and how we can forgive, love, and ultimately release them and the negative energy they produce. In doing so, we make room for that which was previously in the Shadow, float into the Light. This is called integration. When we integrate, we expand, and when we expand, we experience more of the universe and ourselves as multidimensional, and we have more room to store more of our Soul in our body.

descension. When your vibration rises, it is called ascension. In my practice, I help you make choices that are in alignment with love, which raises your vibration, making you a vibrational match to all that you desire. My goal is to help you go from a state or path of descension to a path of ascension. This is an organic process--one that happens at different rates for different people, and that often requires journeying into the shadows of your being.

Akashic Records

This information is stored in the cosmic memory of our Masters, Teachers and Beings of Light, and is available for us to access to gain insights regarding our current life, and the past lives that are affecting us today. Once we awaken to the reality that we have entered this world with a purpose and a plan, it can be useful to access information about that plan--completing Karma, fulfilling our past life Vows, to experience someone special, and to support people who are part of our soul family.


One of the natural obstacles that occurs as a part of our human existence is that upon our birth, we forget the plans of our higher consciousness, and cycle through periods in our life when we feel blocked, constricted, lost, restless, or disappointed because we don’t remember why we chose our families or situations. We may feel life is unfair or very difficult.  


I access the Akashic Records to help you reconnect with aspects of your higher consciousness, and to elevate your sense of empowerment and clarity regarding your health, career, relationships, life purpose, self-esteem and abundance.


1 hour  /   $150