Intuitive Insight

Divination is a process by which one channels spiritual insights in response to a question or situation using mystical tools, rituals and/or intuitive gifts (i.e. clear seeking, hearing, knowing, feeling. . .).

I am I am a multi-sensing intuitive and medium. I see, hear, feel, and know that which is not readily detectable by others. When deceased loved ones are channeled, my work leans into the realm of what is commonly called "mediumship" (communicating with the dead).  


I also practice Cartomancy, the utilization of oracle and Tarot cards as a tool to help bring clarity and insight into your current situation and your probable future (aka divination). Additionally, it can help you define and respond to what is important in your life, help you gain clarity about yourself, your relationships, your circumstances, career, challenges, and more.


One of the highly specialized cartomancy options/spreads I offer is Ancestor Reading, which is rooted in the HooDoo tradition. This reading is designed to glean messages from your maternal and paternal lines: What do they want from you? What gifts have you inherited that you are underutilizing? Which ancestors are eager to connect and work with you at this time?

1 hour  /   $150

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