Quantum Journeying FAQ

Is Hypnosis/Regression Safe? 

Absolutely! There is nothing to fear from this aspect of a QJ session. The hypnotic regression technique is very similar to a guided meditation – though far more powerful. The best way to describe the hypnotic state is like a deep trance, also known as the alpha or deep-alpha state. This is the feeling you experience when your body and mind are fully relaxed, but you remain in complete awareness of what is happening around you. Although QJ sessions are facilitated by your practitioner, you are still very much an active part of the process, and at no point do you lose, or are you asked to give up, your free will. There are no suggestibility techniques employed within QJ, as the modality focuses on the exploration of your inner world to bring remedy and resolve to your current life challenges and traumas. It’s important to note that any traumatic experience you observe will be just that – an observation. You will not be re-experiencing the event as it happened, although you may have a certain amount of emotional response, depending on the event in question


Are Online Sessions Safe?

Yes, online sessions are completely safe. But if you have concerns about losing connection during our appointment, all the relevant information will be emailed to you beforehand. It will be included within the preparation pack detailing what to do the in the event the internet connection drops, or we need to reconnect. We’ll also cover this again in detail during the interview portion of the session.

May I Have a Family Member/Friend observe the session?

Unfortunately, no. This isn’t encouraged, as the process of QJ is an extremely private one, and may cause you not to be completely honest with your answers if you know you’re being observed. The presence of someone else’s energy almost always impacts the outcome of a session, so sit-ins aren’t an option.

What’s Better--an In-Person Session, or an Online Session?

There really is no best setting for a session. Traditionalists may argue that an in-person session will always yield the most powerful and transformative result, due to the closer interaction and ability to intuit the direction you should steer the process. And although in-person sessions are powerful, there can also be instances in which they just aren’t possible or even a good fit. Some people might – and often do – prefer to have their session online from the comfort of their own home. It eliminates travel time and expenses, as well as providing a safe and familiar environment, which many say helps to go into deep trance much easier than if they’d had it in another location. 

Why would anyone want to have a ‘Beyond Quantum Healing’ session?

For any number of reasons! The list really is endless… But some of the most common motivations are physical health concerns, emotional wellbeing, feeling stuck, questions about life purpose, career, and feeling at a crossroads in life and needing guidance. There is also a slew of metaphysical reasons, such as discovering your soul’s origin, soul family and the soul’s greater purpose extending beyond this life, as well as resolving issues of lost time and other mysterious occurrences with no explanation.

What’s the difference between an online and in-person session?

There is no discernible difference between an in-person and online session apart from the setting and mode of communication. The process for each is absolutely identical, so there should be no fear of missing out on a crucial step that ‘can only be done in-person.’ Both online and in-person sessions yield fantastic results, and the choice between which to choose is most often a case of personal preference.

What if I Can’t Visualize?

Many people who come for QJ have either never meditated or engaged in any form of visualization exercise before, but go on to have extremely successful sessions. When you’ve booked your slot, you’ll be sent a preparation pack, which will contain links to several guided meditations to help you familiarize yourself with the process. If you’re new to meditation and visualization, it’s strongly advised you take full advantage of these resources as a prerequisite to your booked session. This isn’t a rule for the sake of having rules, but simply to ensure that you get the most out of your experience.

What if I Can’t Be Hypnotized?

The number one issue people tend to have in allowing themselves to be hypnotized is resistance. This can manifest in a number of ways, such as a lack of belief in the process and your ability to perform, which can often have a large bearing on the eventual outcome. So before committing to a Quantum Journeying session, it’s important that you feel ready and confident enough to engage with the experience. Of course, nervous excitement about what a session may hold is a completely normal part of the build-up to having a QJ session and will have no negative bearing on your experience.

How Long Does a Session Take?

QJ sessions last for around 3-4 hours, with the first hour focused on the interview, while the remaining time is dedicated to the QJ experience itself. Though be aware, there are no strict time constraints, and you will not be ‘on the clock.’ A session will end when it’s ready to end, and could possibly extend beyond the 3-hour mark. If you can, it’s advisable to leave your schedule free for the entire day of your session, so you’re not unnecessarily distracted or anxious about missing commitments.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Many people who come for QJ find that one session is all they need. That doesn’t mean people can’t return in the future, which is often the case, but this is usually months after the initial session has taken place. Taking this approach allows you to notice your inner changes before deciding whether you want or even need a tune-up. Although, many people who’re interested in QJ from a consciousness exploration standpoint, may want to have sessions more frequently. However, this is the exception rather than the rule. And to clarify, QJ is not something you will need to do repeatedly to benefit from its positive effects. It is not an ‘ongoing treatment.’

What Can I Expect from My Session?

Ha! Perhaps it's best to expect The Unexpected! Anything can and usually does – and sometimes does not – happen in a Quantum Journeying session. It’s wise not to place too many expectations on the exact type of experience you want, as there is no telling for certain where your session will lead. If you’re coming with the motivation of exploring multiple past ET lives, but only remain in your current life, this may result in you being disappointed with your experience. However, exploring your current life may be exactly what was needed. What you can anticipate from your session is it will always yield the insight that you’re meant to hear at that moment.

What if I don’t believe in past lives/reincarnation and the ‘spirit world’?

You don’t need to adopt any belief system to have a successful QJ session. It’s open to people of all mindsets and faiths, both religious and non-religious. The only requirement is that you have belief in yourself, and are willing to connect with the greater well of knowledge stored deep within your subconscious. With this kind of energy work, your thoughts are the often most significant determining factor in the type of result you get. But all that is really required is that you believe in the process.

Do I Need to Believe in God or Be Spiritual for BQH to Work?

No, you only need to have belief in yourself and the assistance of your practitioner to guide you through the process.

Can You Guarantee You’ll Heal Me of [Insert Issue]?

No, I cannot guarantee the curing and/or healing of any specific illness, disease or disorder. As a QJ practitioner, it is not within my power to make those kinds of promises, and you should be wary of anyone that does. This doesn’t mean that people don’t experience miraculous healings for a multitude of issues, as is often the case, but I simply want you to be aware that QJ isn’t a magical cure for everything.

Where do BQH Sessions Take Place?

BQH sessions with Adriena (Z) Dame are offered virtually via ZOOM as well as in person at HighVibe Living (4169 Westport Road, Suite 120, Louisville, KY 40207). 

How much do BQH Sessions Cost?


1 hour  /   $150