I am a multi-sensing Spiritual Channel. The messages that are conveyed in your readings do not originate with me. I merely deliver them. Your reading DOES NOT include follow-up correspondence of any kind. If you have questions, feel free to book another reading. If you need help manifesting your soul's desire, check out my Manifesting Services.

Rendered Via Video or Phone Consultation

Akashic Records Consultation

There is a place in everyone’s energy field called the Akashic records, which holds energetic imprints of our entire soul’s history—past, present, future, parallel. Through these records, we are able to access aspects of our soul’s journey through alternative lifetimes with the intention of gleaning information that is relevant to our present need for healing, deeming our understanding of our karmic patterns and debts, and elevating our current quality of life. 

I typically access Akashic Records to address past lives that may carry lower vibrations, imprints, and stuck energy that are inhibiting a soul’s evolution in the present. Also, it is common for a past-life wound to show up as a karmic illness or chronic pain, which is caused by energy left over from another lifetime that is present now to balance or complete karma for an individual. Doing the reading often helps us to deepen our understanding of some of the seemingly unexplainable patterns we carry in this life—anxiety, relationship challenges,  . . . etc so that we can operate from a place of informed empowerment--which is a dynamic form of healing and liberation. 

Oracle/Tarot Card Readings

Oracle/Tarot Card Readings can bring clarity and insight into your current situation and your probable future. Additionally, it can help you define and respond to what is important in your life, help you gain clarity about yourself, your relationships, your circumstances, career, challenges, and more. 

Ancestor Reading

Receive messages from your maternal and paternal lines. What do they want from you? What gifts have you inherited that you are underutilizing? Which ancestors are eager to connect and work with you at this time?

Inspired Intuitive Reading

Often, our uncertainty about the kind of reading we need is an indication that we are being invited to be open to the possibilities. So, if you're not sure what to book, choose my Inspired Intuitive Reading and allow Spirit to lead the way. Here are some of the ways that Spirit may use me to to of service to you in an Inspired Intuitive Reading: (1) Oracle/Tarot Card Reading; (2) Direct Divination/Channeling [i.e. clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and claircognizance (clear knowing)]; (3) Pendulum Reading; (4) Lithomancy (candle flame reading); (5) Shamanic Journeying, (6) Akashic Records Reading, (7) Mediumship

Shamanic Medicine Wheel Reading

The medicine wheel is one of the most well-known symbols in shamanism. It is a circle with no beginning and no end, and can help facilitate healing and impart guidance using the energy of the four elements (wind, fire, water & earth), directions (North, East, South & West), color, seasons, life stages, and aspects of self (minds, spirit, emotion, and body). During this session, I guide seekers through a deeply spiritual Medicine Wheel Ritual, and incorporate divination tools such as Oracle Cards, Tarot Cards, and a Pendulum.

Rendered via Video Recording (2-5 Business Days)
Rendered in Written Report Form (5-10 Business Days)

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