Reiki Training Prep

I'm thrilled to be your Shamanic Reiki and Reiki Training Guide. In an effort to help you prepare for our training, I'm including a few notes and considerations here:

1. Have a notebook/paper and writing utensil handy (All levels).

2. Prepare a quiet, comfortable learning area (All levels).

3. A massage table and stool are great, but not required (Reiki I & II).

4. A practice partner is great, but not required (Reiki I, II & III).

Other Considerations

GET REST: Ensure that you get a good night’s sleep the day before your session. Beyond Quantum Healing focuses on relaxation techniques, which could put you to sleep if you're sleep deprived. And even if you manage to remain conscious, the chances are that you’ll find it extremely taxing, and spend more time battling fatigue than being fully present in the experience.

AVOID ALCOHOL & CAFFEINE: Please avoid alcoholic, caffeinated beverages, and any nonprescription drugs the night before and right before your session is due to begin, as this can severely affect your ability to enter into the trance state. If you’re a regular morning coffee drinker and need it to avoid headaches and withdrawal symptoms, try and keep it to a minimum.

AVOID HEAVY FOODS: Try not to eat anything too heavy before we’re about to meet. Keep it light and give yourself at least an hour or so to digest before we’re due to begin.


DRESS COMFORTABLY: Make sure that you’re in comfortable clothes that aren’t going to be distracting you throughout your session. Something loose-fitting that won’t constrict your circulation works best.

GROUND: Taking time to ground (to get calm and settled) before the start of your session is a great way to get yourself in the right frame of mind. This might include (1) avoiding social media, as well as anything else that might prove to be a lingering distraction throughout your training; (2) creating some personal space by taking a gentle stroll; (3) or doing a brief meditation.