Ritual Manifesting

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for supporting your efforts to manifest your heart's desire (i.e. self discovery, personal growth, forgiveness, love, empowerment . . .). Thus, the following offerings are highly customizable, whole-person-oriented experiences that take into consideration not only your expressed needs, but also the insights gleaned from cosmic spheres of influence and other Spiritual Tools. NOTE: I only work with a limited number of people at a time. I am merely a channel/conduit--not the original source for insight.

Ritual Manifesting is 100% customized and personalized to serve your highest good. It is important that you are clear about what you seek to manifest, and that your soul is free and unencumbered by mindsets that in any way negate your magic. Also, I can only be used as a channel to encourage the manifestation of that which is alignment with your Spirit's Life Path. You may be required to supply me with certain information and/or "ingredients"(i.e. photo, personal items . . .) to bring completeness to the ritual.


NOTE: I am a lightworker--here to radiate love and to serve the highest good of humanity. I do not practice any form of magic that causes harm to anyone for any reason. Results vary from person to person, and is contingent on universal and ancestral acceptance of your intention, karmic debts, the magic within you . . . 


The process includes: 

  • Submit your request.

  • If approved, submit requested information/ingredients.

  • Receive notification of the scheduled and completed ritual.


1 hour  /   $150

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