Shamanic Medicine

Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic journeying is a kind of meditation, combined with focused intention, to enter an expanded state of consciousness. In journeying, a Shamanic practitioner enters a kind of “trance state," which are common in meditation, prayer, or intense life transitions—including birth, orgasm, and death. Trance states can be as light as a heightened feeling of awareness or as deep as the seemingly comatose/unconscious.  

During a Shamanic journey, part of the consciousness of the the practitioner is able to detach itself from the body and explore realms that the physical body cannot perceive or move through. The object is not to escape reality, but to venture deeper into it. As the practitioner works on connecting to expanded states of consciousness, a range of "odd, unexplainable, or peculiarly striking" occurrences may transpire, and are catalogued as bits of evidence or data that can be evaluated later. Surprise is an integral part of the shamanic experience. Consciousness often speaks in metaphor and we are continually learning how to be better readers.

Shamanic Medicine Wheel

The medicine wheel is one of the most well-known symbols in Shamanism. The wheel itself is a circle with no beginning and no end, and can help facilitate healing and impart guidance using the energy of the four elements (wind, fire, water & earth), directions (North, East, South & West), color, seasons, life stages, and aspects of self (minds, spirit, emotion, and body). During this session, seekers are guided through a deeply meditative ritual, which involves activating a multi-sensory exploration of higher consciousness. 

The four elements are representations of life-force/universal/divine energy. The idea that everything--All That Is, breaks down into one or more of four elements comes from the belief that all things are connected. When the four elements are touched by the fifth element of Spirit, we have life! Thus, without the elements, life cannot exist. 

My Elemental Practice Agreements


Direction: West . Color: Black . Season: Fall . Life Stage: Adult/Teacher . Aspect of Self: Body . Note: Earth isn’t necessarily the planet we live on, but the part of it that’s stable, solid, and dependable.


Direction: North . Color: White . Season: Winter . Life Stage: Elder/Teacher of Teachers

Aspect of Self: Mind



Direction: East . Color: Red . Season: Spring . Life Stage: Child/Participant . Aspect of Self: Spirit


Direction: South . Color: Yellow . Season: Summer . Life Stage: Adolescent/Student

Aspect of Self: Emotion

1 hour  /   $150

Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic Reiki is rooted in a fluid integration of traditional Usui Reiki energy healing practices with the spiritual journeying practices of Shamanic Healing. During an online distance healing session, I place hands on (or above) symbolic aspects of your  body and channel healing energy with the aim of relaxing, revitalizing, and releasing emotional energy blocks. I may also use rocks or crystals, chanting, sounds, and/or plants (i.e. burning sage, scattering herbs) to perform specific Shamanic techniques, such as soul retrieval, ancestral healing, locating and clearing problematic energy “intrusions,” and more. 


In a traditional Reiki healing, we call upon source energy (God / the Universe) for healing. In contrast, Shamanic foundations are based on a non-hierarchical view that all life, not just human life, has consciousness. In shamanism, we believe (because we can experience it, see it, and feel it) that we can tap into Nature Spirits (river, sky, wind, plants, etc.) to call upon them to facilitate the healing. Because of its connection to nature and the Spirits, Shamanic Reiki often achieves a more intimate and more "targeted" type of healing.

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