Not only do the bodies we inhabit come equipped with their own unique set of intricacies and potentialities, including the guarantee of a limited lifetime, we have the hefty added responsibilities of dwelling this great big old Earth with incredibly complex minds constructed of multiple levels of consciousness that are forever running in the background, foreground, and all around our inner worlds and realities. And we have our people and relationships, and passions, and periods of joy, and peace, and freedom--none of which can be had without the suffering we seek to avoid.

Through it all, there is also the mighty, ever-present, all-knowing and wise Spiritual Team poised to serve our highest good even when we choose to ignore the gift of such help, or as we flounder through life having forgotten who we really are, and why we're here, and are oblivious to the the truth that we are divinity inhabiting a multi-sensory human experience, and that we have access to the wisdom and guidance of that divine consciousness to help us make the best of our lives while we're here living in the flesh.


We possess the capacity to soften, and even eradicate, the jagged edges of our suffering, limiting beliefs, and lostness, and to cultivate a dynamic relationship with our full empowerment in this incarnation--right now.

About the Life Experience . . . continued

Do you have a nagging suspicion that you have forgot something important, or that you're missing some nugget of wisdom that would help you live in closer alignment with your Truth? Do you know what your truth is? Are you feeling lost, unbalanced, or lacking a sense of clear purpose? ​

Have concerns about your relationships (family, work, etc), career, life path, health (emotional and/or physical)? Interested in exploring unexplained events, or discovering your cosmic connections and patterns?


"Adriena (Z) is incredible! She always takes time to make me feel deeply cared and advocated for. She listens intently and asks helpful questions to best determine my needs for each session, often addressing issues I don't even know are present until she begins to focus on them. I simply cannot recommend her enough!"

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