Virtual Offerings

While I'm a hyper-intuitive, empath and mystic with decades of experience serving the hearts and souls of others, I operate with a clear understanding that YOU are innately designed to self heal, and that I am merely a vessel through which that healing is inspired.


Private Sessions


Classes & Workshops

1 hour  /   $150


No matter how you choose to partner with me to serve your highest good, know that I honor the reality that your vibration is unique to you. It is the internal hum that attracts and repels all of your Life Path experiences. Your vibration can rise or drop depending on your thoughts, emotions, actions, reactions, and interactions with yourself and the world. When your vibration drops, it's call descension. When your vibration rises, it's called ascension. In my practice, I help you make choices that are in alignment with love, which helps to raise your vibration, making you a vibrational match to a quality of life that is in closer alignment to your heart's desire. Thus, my ultimate goal is to support you in your efforts to elevate--to shift from a path of descension to a path of ascension